TopicAfter heat treatment of wood pallets What are the benefits

  • Fri 22nd Jul 2016 - 3:46am

      <p>With the increasingly popular concept of environmental protection month, and now most of the guests will be sterilized using heat treatment to insecticide-treated wooden pallets for export, so this time we will say, heat treatment and fumigation of wooden pallets wooden pallets is actually a concept, are insecticide-treated, but here I would like to share with you, in fact, after the heat treatment is superior to wooden pallets fumigated wooden pallets after, not only because of its good environmental issues, let's take a look!"<a href="""">SMC Round Reinforced Plastic Composite Manhole Cover</a>"



      <p>We know that the characteristics of the wood itself, wooden pallets itself there are a lot of disadvantages which limits its use and development. Through experiments on wood heat treatment to change their characteristics, thereby enhancing the performance of wooden pallets. But also has important research significance by heat treatment of wood pallets increase bending strength and stiffness, and enhance environmental protection wooden pallets, saving wood consumption, improve the efficiency of the use of wood;"<a href="""">Custom Plastic Injection Children Toy Car Molding</a>"



      <p>We know that the moisture content of the wood on the international standards set by the 22-26% range this is the standard that is heat-treated wooden pallets would eliminate the original wooden pallets excess water, dry stereotypes processing, reduce moisture, eliminate stress, and into overheated treated wooden pallets in the load-bearing performance will be stronger terms, bearing more stable performance!"<a href="""">Fruits Storage 50liter Square Plastic Crates</a>"



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