TopicGlass cleaning method

  • Fri 22nd Jul 2016 - 3:53am


    1, salt

    Used glass, especially on the feast of used glass, if only water to wash, wash not only clean, but also back to make greasy extended fuzzy on the glass. Then if grasping a handful of salt in the water, with salt water to clean greasy glass on it is easy to clean, smooth cup will be more bright. In addition, the salt can be sterilized using it to wash the glass, clean and sanitary.[url= ] Hot Sale High Quality Old Fashioned Glass[/url]


    2 lemons

    Glass with a long time, it will accumulate on the surface layer of scale, this time can be cut in half lemon, topped with salt, then cover caked salt rubs lemon slice on the cup, then rinse with water after clean.[url= ] Cadium Free Fashionable Design Wholesale Drinking Glass[/url]


    3, white vinegar

    Glass is attached to the surface of the scale will not light, you can add half white vinegar and half cup soaked in water for several hours to clean again.[url= ] Romanian Market Different Choices Bar Glasses[/url]


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